Code of Ethics

    The International DI Society Code of Ethics for Members 

    Adopted July 31st 2007

    By the International DI Society Officers and Directors of the Board

    Ethical balance is required to avoid any conflict between those offering disability insurance and the suppliers of disability insurance, and the obligation of your professional duty to the client and to the company.

    Therefore as a member in good standing of the International DI Society standing it is your responsibility to:

    • To conduct my personal and business affairs in such a manner that it reflects a positive image to my clients, my industry and the International DI Society.

    • To hold my profession in high esteem and place the interests of my clients above my business and/or personal interests.

    • To maintain my clients' confidences and consider their business and personal information as privileged and confidential.

    • To maintain the highest standard of professional knowledge and competency and strive to continue to maintain and improve my professional knowledge and skills.

    • To adhere to customary personal and professional standards of conduct in helping my clients to protect their insurable interests and replace any current insurance or financial product only when it is beneficial to my clients.

    • In determining the very best solution for my client, I will not be motivated to choose a particular product over another based solely on the commission I earn.

    • To stay informed and conform to the appropriate laws and regulations that pertains to my industry.

    • To abide by the By - Laws of the International DI Society.

    • To be accountable to the Code of Ethics of the International DI Society.