Disability Insurance Awareness Month

    Why Devote a Whole Month to Disability Insurance Awareness?

    Life Happens is ramping up for May's Disability Insurance Awareness Month and they have now added the DIAM campaign tools and resources to their brand-new industry-only site.

    The DIAM tools and resources can be found at: www.lifehappens.org/dicompanyresources

    For DIAM (and beyond!) they have a wide range of DI resources for you to use for your campaign, including:

    • A comprehensive document with Life Happens' DI resources for your reference

    • Customizable ad

    • Customizable articles to alert home-office employees and producers

    • Real Life Stories videos

    • DI and Real Life Stories flyers

    • A social-media content guide with prewritten posts

    • DI-related info-stats and Life Hints, and more

    Their aim is to make your DIAM planning process easy and your campaign successful, so feel free to contact them with any questions you have.