2019 Ron Cohen Producer’s Scholarship Application


    • One Producer each year will be awarded the Scholarship, with IDIS members & non-members eligible.

    • The IDIS defines the Producer as an agent who is personally writing DI business and not a GA/Broker who is working with producers who write the business.

    • Contracted to write DI for 1 – 5 yrs. (Individual and/or Group).

    • Newer producers in DI are encouraged to apply.

    Deadline: August 15, 2019 - this is the last date for submission - there will be no extension of the deadline


    • Submit an Essay (for online application, answer essay questions) as to why DI is your chosen field of production and how long you have been a producer/agent, the Essay/Online Answers will be the primary component of your application considered by the Selection Committee.
      • You may include any additional points such as: Have you personally seen what impact DI can have in a client’s life?
      • Essay length approximately 1,000 words.
        • Submit online with the following form, OR, sumbit a printable Microsoft Word document via email to [email protected] 
        • Do not submit any other material than what is requested, as it will not be considered as part of your application and may impede the selection process.
    • Applications are not held over from year to year, candidates from previous years are invited to submit an updated application, however, you must follow these guidelines, and there are no exceptions. 
    • The volume of your production will be considered. No proprietary information is needed, submit your approximate dollar volume for the 12 month period closest to applying for the RCPS, the number of cases you have written over a 12 month period, or if you have been in the DI sector for less than 12 months clearly show you have worked on more than one case. You must also state that you intend to continue in the DI Sector for the long term.
    • The submission form includes a referral. This is the person in the professional workplace who will vet your application, and signs off that the words are your own in the Essay, that the volume of production is as close to accurate as possible, and that you are a Producer as defined by the IDIS (for purpose of the Ron Cohen Producer’s Scholarship). This is a critical component of the application, be sure it is included.
    • Applications must be submitted and received at the IDIS offices no later than August 15, 2019 and there are no exceptions.
    • The President of the IDIS will inform the 2019 Scholarship Recipient within 5 days after the Selection Committee has made their decision, other applicants will also be contacted by a member of the Selection Committee.
    • The Recipient will be required to attend a portion of the Annual Conference October 21-23, 2019 to receive the award. 
    • The Scholarship (for the Recipient only) awards up to $500.00 in travel allowance, one year membership in the IDIS, full Conference registration and 3 nights of hotel accommodations at the San Diego Marriott Mission Bay.

    Disclosure Notice:

    • No “lobbying” by any individual or any entity of IDIS Board Members or Selection Committee on behalf of any applicant is allowed
    • Strict confidentiality is applied within the structure of the IDIS. Submissions for the RCPS will remain confidential, and will not be shared outside of the IDIS with any entity or person (s).
    • The Selection Committee adheres to a strict protocol as set forth by the IDIS, the entire process is a component of the IDIS Rules of Governance.
    • Anyone participating in the application process is required to abide by the Rules & Regulations of the Ron Cohen Producer’s Scholarship.

    How to submit: Complete this online form, OR print the form, complete it and email it to: [email protected]

    Questions? Contact Joe Pittman, Executive Director at 800.249.8806 or [email protected]

      I will attend a portion of the conference, but not all of it.