W. Harold Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award Form

    Nomination deadline is August 15, 2019 (no exceptions).

    If you know of an individual who is worthy of this prestigious award, you are asked to provide the details as requested on this form, to include their contact information & to submit on a separate sheet the full biographical & professional information & your reasons why your candidate should be considered (see below)

    Criteria: The W. Harold Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award is open to the individual who has demonstrated dedication to their field of expertise in Disability Insurance, exhibits leadership in his/hers professional life and most importantly has made a distinctive contribution to the Disability Insurance Industry, and has practiced their profession to the highest ethical standards attainable. Unselfish voluntary service is also a consideration in the Awards process. A commitment and dedication to the furthering of the mission of the International DI Society may also be a consideration in the selection of your candidate. Nominations are open to members in good standing of the International DI Society with Non-Members also eligible. Nominees may be from all countries.

    Nominator must be an IDIS member. Please ensure you follow all the requested guidelines otherwise your candidate’s nomination will be compromised and may not be considered. Only nominations using this form will be accepted, the necessary back up documentation must be submitted with this form. In your supporting documentation clearly state why in your opinion your candidate fulfills the purpose of this award and meets all criteria. Supply as much professional background information as possible. If you have submitted a candidate in prior years who was not the recipient, we urge you to consider resubmitting an updated nomination application. There can be no lobbying for your candidate. Nominations are kept on file for three (3) years and will be considered each of those years ~ you will need to resubmit the name of your candidate each year for consideration. A Selection Committee reviews all the submissions. Currently serving IDIS Board Members can be considered once their term of service has been fulfilled. Full Protocol & Procedures for the W. Harold Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award are on file at the offices of the International DI Society ~ all nominations and supporting documents are kept in the strictest confidence.

    The recipient will be presented with the award at the 15th Annual IDIS Conference - October 21-23, 2019, San Diego Marriott Mission Valley, San Diego, California.

    How To Submit: Complete your nomination form online here OR print, complete, scan and email this form along with all supporting documents to [email protected]

    Questions: Executive Director, Joe Pittman - 800.249.8806